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More than the taste, it is the unique process of making that has been getting the citizens hooked to this flavour of chai. Even though everyone has seen the videos ,Shop who has been making these cuppas daily breaks it down for us. “The round kulhads are heated in the tandoor for at least half an hour before we start serving the tea. A semi-cooked preparation of chai, complete with subtle falvours of elaichi is kept in a dispenser by the counter. When hot tea is poured into a red hot pre-heated kulhad, it sizzles and acquires the sondhi mitti ki khushbu and charred goodness from the earthen vessel. This infused concoction is then transferred into yet another vessel that is used to pour it into serving kulhads.” Shopkeeper goes on to add that it is essential for the chai to be semi-cooked, or else it will just smell of burnt milk.

Tandoori Chai

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